The Heart of the Sun

across the Mojave

US 466: Across the Mojave

US 466 was commissioned in 1935. It extended from U.S. Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona to the Pacific Ocean at Morro Bay, California. It passed from Arizona into Nevada.  From the Nevada state line to Tehachapi, it cut across the heart of the Mojave Desert.  The California segment of the road was decomissioned in 1964, but the road and the towns it touched remain today. But this isn’t intended to be the CalTrans history of the highway.  It’s a collection of images of the sections of the highway that once formed the business districts of Mojave, Boron, Yermo, and the tiny towns between–a slow, meandering walking tour of the Heart of the Sun.


Former Junction of US6 and US46620131018_DSC_0735.jpgInternational AutomotiveWant a Huge Tool?Formerly French'sSelf. Centered.SmogDieselDesert RoseEl JefeJunction of 58 and 14Sparsely PopulatedWhere's Rizzo?Downtown SkylineOasis ChurchAbandoned Mobil StationRanch HouseMiles From Town (daylight)Joshua RoadOwn a Piece of the DreamWelcome to BoronApproaching Rio Tinto Borax MineYes, They're RealLeaving Rio Tinto Borax MineAbandoned TexacoMike's AutomotiveMemorial JoshuaThe Last CabooseNobody's AutomotiveThree Bays, No Waiting'Luxury' May Not Be the Right WordThe Corral is OKPioneer ParkLectra Haul #1Once a MotelRentalsGet it at Haynes...Or, get it at Smith'sThe Silver DollarThe BarrelAn Antique Antique StoreBig Canopy4-8473 (For Sale)PackratsBig BrotherHinkley BoostersDon't Drink the WaterErin's PlaceFort Irwin 76All Through With the Drive ThroughInternational Cafe (since demolished)The Garage is That-AwayBingoIn the LoopThe Burger DenPatio DiningWills Fargo MotelTake the Plunge