Hello World!

Hello and welcome!  I’m Ron Pinkerton.  My passion is night photography and light painting in the Mojave Desert, and dejavue.us is where I share some of my better efforts and adventures in that pursuit.  As I write this, I have a to-do list that insures it will be many months before I feel like this site is ready for prime time.  Still, I tell myself, you’ve got to start somewhere.  That somewhere is here, and that time is now.  I hope that unfinished feeling will keep me working on improving the galleries, the writing, and the organization of the site, and doesn’t instead drive me slowly mad until I disappear into the desert one night and forget to return.  We’ll see–it could go either way.  Anyway, enough ranting.  Let’s look at some pictures!  Start by checking out the selections under Mojave Moon.

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